Kawasaki Vulcan S

Some twins look alike and have a special bond that is clear for all to see, yet, you get twins that don't even look related and if it wasn't for the fact they share birthdays and parents you would assume they were just good friends who share a surname. Riding motorcycles is not about comfort. The suspension was designed to absorb bumps and provide plenty of feedback. This radiator guard fits the Kawasaki Vulcan S '15- & Vulcan Cafe '18- onwards is available in brushed aluminium, with a clear anodised coating for a long lasting durable finish.

It is the first cruiser bike from Kawasaki to be launched in India. This means most riders will be able to place their feet firmly on the ground, keeping them stable when stopped, and helping to increase confidence in stop-and-go city traffic. The rear suspension arrangement also contributes to the bike's compact design, freeing up space for a large-volume silencer under the engine.

We're used to seeing cruisers as chrome-laden, flashy looking motorcycles with old-school designs, but the Vulcan S is quite the antithesis. Offset lay down single-shock rear suspension is equipped with linkage to enable a longer stroke for increased ride comfort.

I buy my clothes to fit, so if I spend thousands on a new motorcycle, having the bike fit me should be something I can expect. 3-position footpegs allow riders to adjust foot position to suit size and preference. What's more, there is significant hip support at the rear of the seat to increase the level of comfort.

It includes a selection of different seats that all sit at the Arrow Rebel Exhaust Install Installation same height, but position the rider closer (reduced reach) to the handlebars or further back (extended reach). Use the Shop By Bike tool to search for parts that fit your motorcycle. Let me tell you that bike pulled away like I was standing still and I had to actually drop a gear myself to catch up. I was very, very impressed with what a good rider could do on that Vulcan.

There's an odo, two trip meters, clock, fuel gauge, fuel range, average and instant fuel economy and even an Economical Riding Indicator to help you get the most out of a tank of juice. The design of the frame, rear suspension and swingarm create an integrated line running from the front of the bike to the rear hub.

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